Be Italian for 2 Weeks

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Italy Food Tours

Food Tour

Italian Food Tour
Imagine learning to cook pizza from the world champion or celebrating at an authentic Italian food festival while you are on holiday...

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Art Tours Italy

Artistry Tour

Italian Artisans Tour
Italy has some of the finest artisans in the world. Experience the fine art of Roman mosaics, leatherwork and wood carving, to name a few...

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Italian Vacation Packages

Italian Tour

Italian Language Tour
A small group guided tour conducted in Italian for the ultimate in language development and appreciation...

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Italian Christamas Tours

Xmas Tour

Christmas in Italy Tour
Rome is a very special place at Christmas. Enjoy market shopping, 100 nativity scenes and the living nativity of Tuscia and much more...

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Tour Italy on one of our authentic Italian tours

Each of our boutique Italian tours has been designed to cater for the needs of the discerning traveller.

You’ve heard of the expression “When in Rome, do as the Romans do…” Now you can put it to practice on our small group tours of Italy!

On our private tours of Italy you’ll be so immersed in Italian culture that you will be a true Italian for two weeks!

Leave the tourist path behind on these small group holidays that let you experience the best that Italy has to offer, in an authentic way that is only possible when a true Italian is guiding you. With experience guiding small group tours, Lucia has a deep connection with the people and traditions of her homeland. She will take you by the hand to experience Italian life the local way.

Your Guide - Lucia

I grew up in Italy and have spent the last few years in Australia. As such I am extremely passionate about bringing the real Italian culture and lifestyle to the Australian people. There are many tour companies out there but nobody will show you the authentic Italy I know and love and allow you to be Italian for two weeks! So if you’re ready to become an honorary Italian, I look forward to saying ‘Benvenuto’ on a unique Italian guided tour! Contact me today.

Italian Travel Packages for Everyone!

Each of our Italian travel packages are set in Lazio, a little known region of Rome undiscovered by mass tourism, where each lane-way beckons you to explore the rich cultural past in the heart of Italy. Whether your passion is food and wine, art and craft or the Italian language, our authentic Italian tours offer you the unique opportunity to experience the holiday of a lifetime amongst the people of Lazio.

If you always wanted to cook like a real nonna, join one of our Italian food tours or discover the skills of ancient masters on our Italian art tours. If you want to enhance your language skills then our Italian language tour is the tour for you! Each year a small group has the opportunity to celebrate in style with a specialised Italian Christmas tour. All of these Italian holiday packages are perfect for singles, couples, families or small groups of friends.

For six or more people, ask about Italy’s hidden secrets; and, let ‘When in Italy’ tours design your tailor-made travel itinerary!

Each of our private tours of Italy will create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime...